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As I ever said in my older article that discussing Yahoo Elite or YahElite, YmLite, and Yam, Yazak is one of popular unofficial yahoo messenger chat client. Yazak is also a good chat client that design to protect you from b0ts 4tt4ck. In Yazak Chat Client you can also make a simple b0ts 4tt4ck but the affectivity of b0ts 4tt4ck not quite good enough.

Before you installed and operated and downloaded Yazak, please be surely that you have installed Official yahoo messenger. Because if you don’t do this, Yazak will never be used, and the error message raising after you wanna run it. And you have to updated Yazak, if you gonna chat in chat room. It is because Yazak need verification code to enter chat room. Almost forget, be sure too, to install VB run program in the Yazak file download.

Yazak Webcam Error

Yazak actually has Webcam Viewer, but sometimes its not working well. If you want to see a webcam and captured you have to used Yahoo Intai or YahCamView to do that kind of webcam watcher activity.

Because of doesn’t support webcam preview or video preview (usually error), I am personally rather choice YahElite than Yazak. With YahElite you can see your friend webcam or video even though you cannot captured. But with a screen capture software or with print screen key you still can save the picture of your friends webcam or video.

If you insist to use Yazak Webcam, please note that you may need Ycabby before Web cam Viewer run properly. In my own opinion, I sugges you to use Yahoo Cam Viewer such as Y Intai or YahCamView

Below this articles, I give you a download link of Yazak with free of fee. Yazak is freeware software. For further problem relating Yazak or Yazak Webcam, you can visit Yazak official website at www.yazakpro.com

I am sorry I didn’t give you a screen capture or snap shot relating Yazak chat client.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYazak is another 3rd Party chat client of yahoo messenger. Built with VB6 and designed for work in Windows Operating system platform, Yazak, among chat user of yahoo messenger, became one of the favorite chat client ever exist. In 2001, the complete free yazak has been launch to the public user. According to www.yazakpro.com–the official website of Yazak chat client–, yazak has a resistant from boot attack and it also free from virus. And as long as We understand, downloading, using, and installing yazak chat client is free without any need of registration or anything else. But make sure you installing VB run time first (VbRunDLLv3sp6.exe).

Short Review about Yazak

Yazak has complete features just like in official chat client of yahoo messenger. It has Webcam Viewer that work properly, Voice Talk, Chat Room, Send File, and the most beneficent of Yazak is Yazak Shield and Yazak Ghost ID for boot protection and prevention. This two options almost like Yahaven Chat Shield and Yahaven Ghost ID.

Yazak Webcam and Voice Error

If you face any error when you try to use Yazak webcam, just make sure you visit the Yazak error page at its official website here. For Yazak Voice error, especially when you run under Windows vista you can also make it work properly by reading and downloading the needed file of yazak voice fo vista user here.

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Version History

The latest update and release of Yazak at July 26th, 2008 is Yazak Version 8.84.13 or we can call Yazak V8.84.13. In the latest update Yazak fixes some issues relating captcha and some of error message.

Download Yazak

We recommend you to download yazak at yazak official website on www.yazakpro.com. Even though we suggest you to download Yazak from its official website, you can also download yazak from the download link We give you below:

Free Download Yazak at Rapidshare: Download Yazak
Free Download Yazak at MediaFire: Download Yazak
Free Download VbRunDLLv3sp6.exe at MediaFire: Download VbRunDLLv3sp6
Free Download tsp_codec_install.exe at Media Fire: Download tsp_codec_install

Note: Please Run and install VbRunDLLv3sp6.exe first before you install Yazak_Intall.exe or tsp_codec_install.exe.

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